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Article Kevo 1.70

Article Kevo 1.70


"Article Kevo – The Ultimate Article Submitter Software & SEO Link Building Tool!

Article Kevo (also known as AKV) is an advanced article marketing software. With AKV, you’ll never worry about running out of sites to submit articles to. AKV currently supports 24 platforms you can submit your links to!

- 6 Article directory platforms – WordPress, Article Dashboard, Article Friendly, Article MS, ArticleBeach and ArticleScript

- 9 Web 2.0 platforms - WordPress, Blogetery, Blog, Livejournal, Tumblr, Edublogs and more…

- 3 Social Bookmarking platforms – Pligg, Scuttle and PHPDug

- 4 Wiki platforms – MediaWiki, WikkaWikki, TikiWiki and MoinMoin

- 3 Social Network platform – Elgg, PHPFox and Dolphin

- 1 Forum Profiles platform – SMF

- 4 Custom Sites

- More to come...!"